I’ve always put photos on here but due to new technology etc since my last posts I don’t have any photos on this laptop at the moment.

So now,
I want to write and I didn’t know where else to go. Pen and paper is nice. Lovely actually. There is nothing like writing a letter or a card to someone and feeling the love. But this isn’t specifically for anyone, this is for me. So I figured it doesn’t really matter and typing is more convenient and easily changeable and all that, not that I plan on changing anything. I plan on writing what my brain spills out and publishing it for a sort of mini wild ‘thrill’.

I’ve been reading a fair amount about creativity really, not intentionally but things have cropped up around the place at a similar time that have mentioned it; magazine articles, comments from people, a book (ok that was intentional, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. All the rage at the moment but I thoroughly recommend). But the notion has been bubbling in me for longer than that, I just didn’t know how to, how to…how to, should I say..release it. I don’t have the traditional tendencies of someone considered to be a creative human such as whipping out a pad and pen, drawing late into the night, sitting in a room surrounded by self-made crafts. But the reality is that we all have a creative part of us, it’s human nature. We don’t come into this world, absorb solely then leave. No, we are born to put things in it, to contribute. And this manifests in creativity. My mind has greatly been expanded and for me I had always thought of painting, photography and writing as the norm when it comes to creativity. But actually, even something as simple as daydreaming is a form of it.

Photos have normally been an easier outlet for me than words. But over the years I have fluctuated greatly between the two and the point is I don’t need to ‘pick something’ and ‘stick to it’, we can express ourselves and chop and change on different days.

I do have more thoughts on this but this post is probably a mess so I will save those for when more things come to the surface of my mind. Online diaries are great.

So today I have found myself back here and now I will publish this and feel pretty good about writing again, I will be back soon ~ Until then.




Marmite, Tea, and Travel combined – I am filled with love

My intention wasn’t originally to have three of my favourite things in life in one photo. It was natural..which made the final thing more rewarding. Ironically though, at least in my experience, it is relatively difficult to actually have all three components happen at once in real-life. Particularly when it comes to marmite for some reason. Travel and tea CAN be joined although I have yet to experience green tea which tastes the same abroad even if it’s the same brand (for the record I’ve resorted to blaming the different type of water).

Relatively recently I was travelling and had put marmite in my hand luggage as I didn’t want it to break in my main suitcase. I was so very proud of this idea when ALAS, my bag was checked at security and the woman had a rummage around before bringing out the Marmite and telling me I had to hand it over as I couldn’t take it onto the plane. It had the weight in grams so I stupidly thought that it didn’t count as a liquid. My face looked like a student at school having to surrender their mobile phone during an exam. It was tragic but we live and learn ❤

In terms of taking this, I once again braved the manual setting and changed the ISO settings to 800 to make the colours POP but any higher made the brightness absolutely blinding.

Oh and now I’m home I get the pleasure of the tea AND the Marmite in addition to the joy of dreaming of future travels whilst staring at my map of the world above my desk and surfing the Internet for wonderful niche places that myself and my tea bags can one day enjoy. That was a really long sentence.



006 (5) - Copy               006 (5)

It was time to clear out a drawer that I’d been putting off for months. I hauled everything out and aggressively threw it onto my bedroom floor. Amongst the useless forgotten possessions was this travel sewing kit which looked too intriguing to throw away. Not to mention, too exciting to actually use…I mean look at it, it’s so NEAT and perfectly arranged. Therefore I will probably never use it. But I couldn’t throw it away. I used this opportunity to whip out my macro abilities, which was a little difficult as my Nikon lens tends to have a little hissy at macro this intricate.
I realise I should have made use for it on my many travels this past year but to be honest if I HAD taken it I would’ve wondered why when I’d unpacked with it unused (hotels often have free ones anyway).
Wow, that’s a LOT of talk about a travel sewing kit, I’m not even into sewing currently.
Having said that I played around with a cheeky little edit and put the before and after shot in for some added excitement. I’m reasonably happy with it although I shall be indulging in some practice when it comes to editing. I am currently using Picasa which is pretty simple if you’re new to this field, and it’s free. 🙂



Not only did I think this was seasonal but this was taken a few weeks ago whilst I was messing around with the aperture range settings…this one was taken at f4.8. It’s safe to say up until a couple of months ago, these terms meant very little to me. However, I looked in some books, hastily browsed the web and started to learn about this setting. The depth of field looks at how much focus is on the subject (I.e. the lovely front candle as shown here ^). This small depth is making the candle sharp whilst everyone else is nice and blurry. Making things pretty blurry on purpose is clearly something I need to work on. A large depth of field will keep all of the image sharp throughout its depth.


I tried to make this photo bigger in this blog post but it went a little blurry which was heart-breaking seeing as I’d worked hard to make it relatively sharp. Well, it was mainly the lighting that helped (‘golden hour’ power).

The fact that I LOVE LIFEGUARD HOUSES must be mentioned. I don’t know if it’s just because they have movie connotations or what but I absolutely adore them. Part of me once wanted to become a lifeguard just so I could sit in one but I don’t love swimming all that much so decided that, for the sake of someone’s life, I wouldn’t take that route.